Recycling information

Thank you for your interest on recycling information. In this section, we would like to guide you about how to dispose of our product and packaging.

For Packaging

Before recycling your Always plastic outer packaging at home, please check that it is eligible for household collection by your local authority and follow their instructions. If you can’t recycle them at home, you can recycle them with plastic bags at large supermarket stores. For online shopping deliveries, many supermarkets allow you to hand them to your driver along with other plastic bags for recycling.

For more information, please visit:
or www.gov.uk

Most local authorities collect paper and cardboard materials, so you can dispose of Always cardboard packaging in recycling bins that have been provided. Please follow the instructions for household collection as set out by your local authority.

For more information, please visit: www.recyclenow.com
or www.gov.uk

Interesting fact: The cardboard packaging for Always is made from 80% recycled material.

For Products

Please dispose of your pads, liners and incontinence products in your regular rubbish. For hygiene reasons, they are not eligible for recycling. While we continue to innovate for future solutions that reduce product waste, we are taking several steps today to lessen the environmental footprint of our products, and with that in mind we are designing out waste from the start. For instance, in our Always Ultra pads, we have reduced the amount of material we use to make the pads by 10 - 20% in the last seven years in Europe.

Important: Never flush your pads, liners or any menstrual or incontinence product down the toilet. Always bin it.

These products are not to be reusable, please do not wash.