The core of Tampax Cotton Protection tampons is made with 100% organic cotton

1. Harvesting Cotton

The cotton is grown using certified organic protection against insects and weeds, organic fertilizer and sustainable water supply.

Farmers harvest the cotton after the first frost, allowing the leaves of the cotton plant to fall naturally. This natural defoliation eliminates the need for chemicals in the harvesting process.

Barnhardt Purified Cotton (a Barnhardt family business) is Tampax' cotton purification partner and has supplied cotton fibre for more than 100 years for use in medical, pharmaceutical, health, personal and home care applicators. Barnhardt sources organic cotton exclusively from family-owned farms in Texas (United States) and is a member of the Cotton LEADS℠ program, which promotes sustainable cotton production.

2. Ginning Cotton

After the harvest, the cotton plant goes through a process called ginning, short for 'Cotton Engine', a machine that separates the stems and seeds from the soft cotton fibre.

No part of the cotton plant is wasted. The stems and seeds are collected to make products such as animal bedding and seed oil. The soft cotton fibre is baled into 250 kg units and tagged with unique bale identification for traceability.

3. Purifying Cotton

The soft cotton fibre is mechanically cleaned and then purified and whitened with Barnhardt’s proprietary organic process. Barnhardt’s process is TCF (Totally Chlorine Free), utilizing oxygen purification to gently clean and whiten.

During the organic purification process, the natural oils and waxes are removed from the cotton fibre, leaving the cotton clean and absorbent. Any remaining cotton plant residuals are removed.

The organic purification process utilized by Barnhardt is free of dyes, fragrances, chlorine or other chemicals that are not approved by the organic standards.

The Barnhardt Purified Cotton™ used for Tampax tampons is tested for harmful substances by the independent accreditation Oeko-Tex STANDARD 100®. Following the Barnhardt purification process, the cotton is then baled and shipped to Tampax.

4. Manufacturing Tampons

Tampax transforms the cotton supplied by Barnhardt into the product you know. Like all Tampax products, Tampax Cotton Protection tampons have been tested for harmful substances by the independent accreditation Oeko-Tex STANDARD 100®.

Tampax Cotton Protection is made in a Tampax plant located in Auburn in the US. At the plant, over 40 different quality checks are conducted daily to ensure that every tampon is correctly manufactured and meets worldwide regulations for tampons quality & absorbency.

  • All Tampax plants are zero waste to landfill.
  • Tampax Cotton Protection tampons are packed in boxes that are made from 100% recycled materials.

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You can play your part and do the right thing for the planet: never flush your tampons, wrappers or applicators, please use a bin instead.