Thank you for your interest on recycling information.
In this section, we would like to guide you about how to dispose of our product and packaging.

What to do with the cardboard packaging of Tampax products?

Most local authorities collect paper and cardboard materials, so you can dispose of Tampax cardboard packaging in recycling bins that have been provided. Please follow the instructions for household collection as set out by your local authority.

For more information, please visit: or

Important: For Tampax Pearl Compak products, please remove the plastic window before recycling the box and dispose of it in your regular trash bin.

How to dispose of the product?

Please dispose your tampons, wrapper and applicator in your regular trash bin. Do not flush. Like many products used for personal or medical care, they are not recyclable today. While we continue to innovate for future solutions that reduce product waste, we are taking several steps already today to lessen the environmental footprint of our products:

  • 80% of our cardboard is made with recycled material
  • Some of our tampons include responsibly sourced bio-based materials like cotton
  • We are introducing bio-polyethylene derived from sugar cane into some of our tampon applicators
  • We are introducing reusable options to reduce the amount of waste disposed, such as the Tampax Cup.

Important: never flush your tampons, tampon applicators, wrapper, pads, liners or any menstrual or incontinence product down the toilet. Always bin them.